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    Elanın nömrəsi:6418953

    Baxışların sayı: 1385

    Yeniləndi: 17 Sentyabr 2018

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    Soundcraft MFXi20 20-Channel Mixer with FX

    The Soundcraft MFXi20 20-channel analog mixer offers 8 mono mic inputs and two stereo line inputs, boosted by built-in 24-bit Lexicon effects. It has a two-track record output and a two-track relay input, perfect for playing interval music from an external source. The premium-grade Lexicon effects range from reverbs and delays to chorus effects. The high-grade precision GB30 microphone preamps capture your vocal performances in exceptional audio fidelity, recording every nuance from your input sources. It also features 2 group busses and a Stereo Mix output. The MFXi20 Live Mixing Console also includes built-in professional +48V Phantom power for condenser microphones.

    24-Bit Lexicon Processing
    The Soundcraft MFXi20 20-Channel Mixer is a compact yet powerful mixing console designed for live applications, ideal for gigs, houses or worship and portable PA. One of the most prominent and unique features this mixer boasts is the built-in 24-bit Lexicon processing, providing a wide range of premium-grade effects. In total, the MFXi20 boasts 20 channels, with each channel featuring its own dedicated XLR microphone inputs as well as accompanying line inputs. Each channel also features its own 3-band parametric EQ with analog controls for extreme precision. The built-in Lexicon effects allow you to utilise a wide range of premium-grade effects ranging from Reverbs & Delay to Chorus effects and more. The mixer also includes 2 stereo inputs as well as a 2-track record output and 2-track replay input, which conveniently gives you the ability to play internal music between performances.

    Versatile Connectivity
    As well as featuring its own on-board effects, the MFXi20 also features a wide range of connectivity. With 20 channels in total, each boasting their own XLR/line inputs; the Soundcraft MFXi20 also includes two subgroups, a stereo mix and 2 Auxiliary busses for added flexibility. The auxiliary buses are ideal for sending effects, as well as providing a monitor mix for artists. The built-in custom GB30 microphone preamps are ideal for capturing condenser microphone recordings for studio-grade audio fidelity. Each microphone preamp come complete with its own +48V Phantom Power. You can also use 28 inputs to mix, as well as including globally switchable pre or post-fade.

    In-Depth Control
    The analog-style controls on the MFXi20 provide precision control over your levels and parameters, with the ergonomic layout allowing you to make changes on the fly. The MFXI20 features vertically mounted PCBs, secured in place with nutted potentiometers for optimal stability. The ergonomic controls and premium-grade internal components results in the best possible audio performance, ideal for live sound applications. You can also use the mixer to play music during breaks through CD, MP3 and other music sources thanks to the 2-track replay input. It also includes a custom Karaoke preset for added versatility, making it ideal for a range of applications and environments.

    Built-in Lexicon 24-bit effects
    Precision GB30 mic pre-amps
    True, professional +48V phantom power for condenser microphones
    2 Group busses
    Stereo Mix output
    8, 12 or 20 mono Mic inputs, all with 2 stereo line inputs
    Up to 28 inputs to mix
    Aux sends, globally switchable pre or post-fade
    FX send
    Universal internal power supply
    Optional rack ears (standard on 12 channel consoles)
    Custom Karaoke preset
    Analog/Digital: Analog
    Frame Size: 20
    Stereo Channels: 2
    Digital I/O: No
    FX Processors: 1
    Fixed Send (Group) Buses: 2
    EQ Bands: 3
    Variable Send (Aux) Buses: 2
    Returns: 3
    Direct Outputs: No
    Matrix Buses: 0
    Main Bus Out: LR

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