Elektrik skuter "Citycoco", 2017 il — фото №1Elektrik skuter "Citycoco", 2017 il — фото №2

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    Yeniləndi: 09 Avqust 2018

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    Malın növüSkuterlər
    Mühərrikin həcmi, sm³1000
    Buraxılış ili2017
    Yürüşü, km40

    citycoco 1000W 2017 new model electrik scooter off road 2 seat mobilitu scooterç ag və qara rənqləri var. Bir tam yığıma 40 km. yuruş,
    maksimal surət 50 km/s.

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    We are electric and gas vehicles producer in Turkey since 2010. We are the one of the biggest in Region. We have EEC, CE, EN certificates for our products. We have several advantages to work with Azerbaijan. Some of them i listed below;

    - Short delivery time ( around 7-10 days)
    - We can deliver by our trucks so you do not need to pay too much for shipping costs. For one 40 HQ delivery + Custom warehouse cost + Custom shipping document cost total makes around 3000-3500 USD. Our total delivery cost from our factory to your base is around 1300 USD.
    - We can send all assembled scooters. They will be ready to use. You will not need to assemble and repair them. Just key on will be enough. We can also deliver scooters to your dealers directly after you finish custom jobs. You do not need to have trucks or you do not need to pay extra cost for domestic shipment.
    - All vehicles have been having 5 times quality control check. So you can be sure about your vehicles quality.
    - We have good after sales service. We give you two year warranty and life time knowledge service. You can talk with our after sales service to find and solve problems.
    - You can mix orders to have more option for your customer. It will help you to sell to more customers
    - You can give also small orders. If your market is small or you do not want to keep more stock. This function will help you. You do not have to have big warehouse and you do not need to fix your big amount money.
    - We can also accept sample orders to test our vehicles.
    - You can pay in Euro. We accept LC and TT. It is up to you.
    - We can be flexible to produce new products according to your market needs. If your market needs new battey type, battery capacity, motor power, speed, climbing ability, range, colors, type of vehicle etc. We can produce it. Just let us know about your needs we will work on it then inform you about.
    - We already has EEC for mopeds, CE for e-bike and tricycles, EN for bicycles. We also can get new certificates for your market.

    Waiting for your comments.


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    Volta Motor


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